They Thought Space Was The Final Frontier - They Were Wrong.

by bookchick@evpl on Wednesday, June 1 2011, 3:59pm. Viewed 919 times.

Do you remember the episode of Star Trek where Mr. Spock has his brain stolen? I’ve just read a book where he gets his brain stolen and then…. eaten!  Night of the Living Trekkies, by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall is the perfect book for Star Trek fans and readers of zombie fiction. In other words a super nerd book! (makes me a super nerd)


The book comes complete with a 50s inspired serial cover and is surprisingly well-written. I admit I wasn’t expecting much and was pleasantly proven wrong. True fans will find nods to the franchise throughout including an ending that could have been written by the shows creators.


book jacket

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot so I will just say that if you ever attend a Star Trek Convention you might want to pay careful attention to the Targ heart. It just might be real…

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