September 2011 - Books Blog

  • No warning. No bodies. Just gone.

    by bookchick@evpl on Wednesday, September 28 2011, 12:24pm
    No warning. No bodies. Just gone. How do you react when the people you love disappear without warning? How does the world react when millions have suddenly vanished into thin air? What do you do with the fact that you are still here? The Leftovers by...
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  • Read Anything Good Lately?

    by A.Happy.Miscellany@evpl on Monday, September 26 2011, 10:25am
    Have you read something lately that you've really enjoyed? Come join our Reader's Choice (a/k/a Read Anything Good Lately? ) discussion at East Branch Library. Beth Heil will lead the discussion sharing her latest reads...come get recommendations...
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  • New Book Group

    by LemmyCaution@evpl on Friday, September 23 2011, 11:19am
    Page Turners is a new book group focusing on thoughtful works of fiction from different time periods, countries, and genres. Each season the list of books will revolve around a theme which will stay consistent and then change with each new season. The...