April showers bring.. ...rain delays - this season's baseball books

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Baseball season is here, and with it, a whole new lineup of baseball books.  book jacket driving mr yogi

I just finished reading Driving Mr. Yogi: Yogi Berra, Ron Guidry, and Baseball's Greatest Gift  by Harvey Araton, and it is a thoroughly enjoyable visit to Yankees' spring training.  For years, former pitching ace Ron Guidry has been the designated chauffeur and companion to baseball legend Yogi Berra at this spring ritual.  Araton examines their relationship, and the love, tenderness, and loyalty that has long been a tradition that baseball hides behind the more visible traditions of trash talking and chewing tobacco.

Spending time with Yogi Berra means learning about all the others whose lives he has touched. The reader meets the other players who have played with or for Yogi. Did you know that Don Mattingly wears number 8 on his Dodgers uniform in honor of Yogi Berra? There is more than one glimpse of George Steinbrenner, and the 14 year estrangement which ended when Steinbrenner flew to New Jersey to apologize to Yogi.  I recommend this book about the magical relationship between men, and between men and baseball.

Other baseball books from the 2012 season include:



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