If you could live your life over again

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Ever wanted a second chance?
Ken Grimwood's novel "Replay" is story of the ultimate second chance. Jeff Winston, the main character, leads a "successful" but not very happy life, until at age 43, he has a heart attack and dies at his desk. The next thing he knows, he's waking up in his college dorm room, at the age of 18, with all his 43 years of memories intact.

This is a book I loved the first time I read it, and have re-read several times since then. I continue to enjoy it, but in somewhat different way twenty years later. I'm not the only one.

cover of audiobook of Replay

Brad Meltzer, best-selling author says:

"Of course, this being a thriller, there's a love interest and a bad guy. But the best part of Replay isn't the plot; it's the fact that the book is about you - yes, you.

The moment Ken Grimwood has his authorly hooks in you, you can't help but look at your own life and think, 'What would I do differently if I could live my life again?' And not in the way we all casually play this game. Really - What would I do differently?"

Join us Tuesday, May 1, 2012, from 6:30pm - 7:30pm in the North Park Branch meeting room as we discuss this fascinating novel, and what it has to say about a life well-lived.


Grimwood's novel has inspired lots of fans, multiple rumors of movies to be made, and even has its own Wikipedia page. [warning - the Wikipedia entry contains spoilers]

One fan made his own video reviewing the book and providing information on this little-known author.

Brad Meltzer's episode on NPR's You Must Read This

Copies of Replay at EVPL


Discussion Questions that other Book Groups have used:

1.    Discuss the differences between the lives of Jeff Winston and Pamela Phillips.

2.    Jeff Winston tries to re-connect with his first wife, Linda on the exact day, at the exact same beach where they first met but fails. Would there have been any way for him to do that that wouldn't be creepy? 

3.    Jeff and Pamela finally meet. What was your first reaction to this?

4.    Is there a parable in the story? What is it trying to say about life?

5.    What conclusion do you draw from the epilogue?


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