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Thank you to everyone who participated in the inaugural National Library Week Reader Reviews contest!  Two winners were selected and won a great prize package!  The winners, along with a honorable mention, can be found below.  Please mark your calendars for next year's National Library Week on April 7-13!

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

What a great audio books!  Perfect to listen to and complete on a trip to Paoli Peaks.  We have listened to this book several times as a family.  What a wonderful adventure in survival.  You want the book to continue.  It is difficult to turn it off to get out of the car or do other things. A young boy, Brian (age 13), ends up crash landing in the Canadian wilderness.  His pilot is dead.  He has to learn how to survive.  His mother had given him a hatchet as a gift before her left.  He had thought it was a useless gift and it ends up saving him many times.  He survives 54 days in the wilderness and is rescued as a different person.  He went from being a boy to a man.  This story has great detail and adventure.  Great for young men who are not that into reading.  I love the way the writer helps you to see what the young man is thinking and how it changes him into a very different young man.  Any age can enjoy this great book!  There are several books that follow this one that are also enjoyable.                 ---Submitted by Peggy

 Josie and Salem: An Indiana Love Story by Frank Cassell

Petersburg, Indiana 1879.  Josie and Salem meet at a fishing party, and the rush of passion is both immediate and intense.  The flurry of love notes that resulted from that meeting increased to the hundreds over several months.  Anyone who has ever doubted that “Love at first sight” exists should definitely read this story.  Once the initial whirlwind of rather florid expressions of love for one another had begun to subside, the couple gradually began to move into the practical realm of what they needed to accomplish to actually become husband and wife.  As the story reveals, it was a long and boulder strewn path, with many delays and temporary separations.  Through it all, the expressions of love perhaps became more restrained, but never wavered.  This intensely personal, and extremely rare, look into the formation of a relationship in a small town in the late nineteenth century Indiana is utterly remarkable, and compelling.  While some aspects of the story are unique to the time period, the fundamental human dynamics are timeless and universal.  It is a deeply touching and inspiring story which does indeed cut across the boundaries of space and time in bringing us a glimpse into the triumphs and tragedies of Josie and Salem both before and after their marriage.  I highly recommend it!      ---Submitted by Terry

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

My friend and I put off seeing the movie until after our Florida trip because we were excited about our plan on listening to the 16 hour audio book.  This was so good that sometimes we ate in the car just to keep listening.  Once we reach our destinations, we took a 2 hour day trip to keep it going!  We strongly recommend this book and were so glad that we waited to see the movie until after the book.  Just when you thought you had it figured out, a new twist would happen.  Great book.  Great characters.  Looking forward to the rest of the trilogy.          ---Submitted by Jen



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