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  • Program by The Diet Doc will include door prizes!

    by KickinLibrarian@evpl on Monday, November 28 2011, 1:00pm
    It is the holiday season! Get ready for singing Christmas carols, opening presents, and extra calories! It just doesn't seem like the holidays without all the cookies, pies, and food. Are you worried about gaining weight over the season? Join us for...
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  • Rhino Ranch

    by GoldensRule@evpl on Thursday, September 3 2009, 12:11pm
    Rhino Ranch is the last of Larry McMurtry's books about Duane Moore first introduced in the 1966 title The Last Picture Show. We return to the little town of Thalia Texas where billionairess, KK Slater has come to open a Rhino Ranch dedicated to the...
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