Andrew Clements makes me laugh

by kiya@evpl on Monday, July 28 2008, 1:41pm. Viewed 2,769 times.

book jacket "No Talking!"Andrew Clements makes me laugh. Even when his books are a little bit sad, they still have funny spots. Clements writes books for all ages of children - there are picture books, easy chapter books, harder chapter books, and books for teenagers.

book jacket "Circus Family Dog"One of his most recent books is called No Talking - it's about a school where the fifth grade boys and the fifth grade girls compete to see who can do better at not talking for almost two days, and without explaining it to their teachers or parents!

Clements has a series of picture books about a dog named Slippers, but my favorite is Circus Family Dog. In that book, a dog named Grumps learns that his circus family loves him, even if he can't do all the tricks that another dog can do.

book jacket "Frindle"Clements taught school for many years - fourth grade, eighth grade, and high school. Most of his chapter books are set in and around schools. His first published book was about a boy who makes up a new word, and tries to get everyone to use it. That book is called Frindle. It has been published in many countries and languages. I think of it as special, because it was the first book by Andrew Clements I ever read.


Do yourself a favor, and read a book by Andrew Clements!


Andrew Clements' website

The official Frindle website

Books at EVPL by Andrew Clements (below are a few of Clements' books)

book jacket "Things NOt Seen"  book jacket "The Jacket" book jacket "The Janitor's Boy" book jacket "Lost and Found" book jacket "Room One" book jacket "Jake Drake, Bully Buster" 

book jacket "Brave Norman: a true story" book cover "Dogku" book jacket "Slippers at Home" book jacket "Temple Cat" book jacket "The Workshop"

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on Tuesday, August 5 2008, 5:53pm

I agree--Andrew Clements is amazing! The young protagonists in his school stories are thoughtful and able to reason out solutions to their problems. They are not presented as "kid geniuses," just normal kids who face real problems. The adults in Clements's stories are three-dimensional: flawed but caring. One of my favorites is "A Week in the Woods," but I love all his school novels. His newest, "Lost and Found," is on my shelf now!

kiya@evpl wrote
on Wednesday, August 6 2008, 1:51pm

I just brought "Lost and Found" home, too.  I think one of my favorites is "The Janitor's Boy," but as soon as I say that, I start thinking about all the others, and how much I liked each of them.  He's a treat!

on Wednesday, September 24 2008, 7:11pm

I was so happy at the end of Frindle I actually hugged the book!