Actual Size by Steve Jenkins

by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Monday, August 11 2008, 9:31am. Viewed 1,222 times.

I hope I'm never eyeball-to-eyeball with a giant squid!

Actual Size by Steve JenkinsBut if I want to know what a giant squid's eyeball looks like in its actual size, I can look in Steve Jenkins' book.  And now I'm absolutely sure I don't want to do this in real life!  Steve Jenkins uses cut-paper pictures to show whole animals like the atlas moth  or the dwarf goby fish in their actual size.  Or if the animal is too big for the oversize page, he just shows part of it -- like the eyeball of the giant squid, or some of the teeth of a great white shark.  This book is located in the Picture Book section of our library, but don't let that stop you -- people of all ages can try giving a gorilla's hand a high five!

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on Monday, August 11 2008, 12:15pm

I love the way Steve Jenkins presents factual information with appealing artistry.