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You may notice after a period of time that your own child may become bored with their studies within classical music.  Don't be discouraged or worried!  As a classically trained musician I also went through a period of time where I became bored.  Sometimes you become used to one type of song and dance.  It wasn't until I was 16 that I began experimenting with different genres of music and was introduced to a violinist who was breathing new life into the music world.  Her name is Vanessa Mae.  A classically trained violinist as well, but brings the classics into what she describes as "violin techno-acoustic fusion."  By taking classical pieces and giving them a new edge she updates the classics and makes them relevant and interesting to today’s age of children while still maintaining the integrity of the compositions.  Another woman I found who makes this era of music exciting and new is Petra Berger.  As a vocalist who is compared to the likes of Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion, this native Dutchwoman is TREMENDOUSLY musical and takes popular operetic pieces and gives it a new spin. 


To take a look at both of these ladies click on the hyperlinks below.


Vanessa Mae


Petra Berger



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