Lost and Found

by mrsweasley@evpl on Friday, August 29 2008, 1:54pm. Viewed 806 times.

Andrew Clements has another winner in his signature series of school stories with Lost and Found.

Jay Grayson had only average expectations for his new school when he arrived on the first day. But when Jay's name-and only Jay's name-was called during roll call, he conveniently forgot that he had a note for the office explaining his identical twin brother's absence. The groundwork was set for a grand experiment. What would it be like to be one person, instead of half a set?

As the mother of twins, I watched my boys (who are not identical) struggle with building their individuality during adolescence.  Questions of identity and uniqueness will resonate with preteens even if they are not twins.

Buy it from Amazon here to benefit the Public Library Friends.

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