A World without Superman?

by mrsweasley@evpl on Saturday, August 30 2008, 10:16am. Viewed 844 times.

If you have ever worn a cape or attempted to fly, as I have, you will want to check out Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman. Superman seems to have always existed, but he was created in 1934 by writer Jerry Siegel and illustrator Joe Shuster, who were barely out of high school at the time. Superman almost didn't get off the ground, as one publisher after another turned down the idea. In 1938, Superman took off and the world was never the same.

Retro comic-style art by Ross McDonald vibrantly illustrates Marc Tyler Nobleman's story of two very ordinary boys who gave us a superstar.

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on Wednesday, September 3 2008, 7:48pm

Before reading this book, I had heard a little bit about how Superman was created, but by reading this, I found out lots more!

on Thursday, September 4 2008, 10:53am

I've always wanted to go to the Superman mueseum in Metropolis.  Maybe this book will save me the trip!