September 2008 - Kids Blog

  • Evansville Moms

    by LibraryLady@evpl on Friday, September 26 2008, 10:33am
    In searching the web for parenting resources, I came across Evansville Moms . It’s a neat tool for moms in the Evansville area. On this site you can find message boards, a searchable list of local activities/programs for kids, and much more. Check...
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  • Teaching Music Appreciation for Children

    by FiddleChick@evpl on Thursday, September 18 2008, 3:38pm
    Sometimes individuals see music as something only a trained professional can do or teach. In learning a specific instrument and to one day perform or teach it for a living you may be right. However, there are some things you can do as a parent, relative...
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  • Storytime

    by lovesbooks@evpl on Friday, September 19 2008, 9:31am
    When you need a fun place for your pre-schoolers to go in the afternoon think about the READ Center. On Tuesdays at 1:15 P.M. we offer a storytime for 3,4 & 5 year olds. The storytime consists of stories and lots of music and movement. Its a place...
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  • Focus on Crafts

    by mrsweasley@evpl on Friday, September 19 2008, 9:30am
    I always feel creative in the fall. Maybe it's because I start thinking about holiday gifts, or the cooler weather makes me want to curl up under an afghan I'm knitting. Crafts can be a great break from schoolwork and can help you develop your...
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  • A "heifer" is not always a cow...

    by bookmarkbeck@evpl on Tuesday, September 23 2008, 2:44pm
    Homeschool moms, teachers, and librarians interested in teaching children a lesson in compassion will appreciate these gems. The fact that these books are based on TRUE happenings will impact children's thoughts and feelings. Beatrice's Goat by...
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