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Woodrat Jill by Nicky Laak

Keep an eye open for this one.   The author, (a Keys resident of 16 years originally from Sussex England) feels it's very important to protect endangered species - especially the Key Largo woodrat which has been maligned in the past.

She wants to share this with childrwoodrat jillen in her position as teacher-librarian. Her book is a story of Jill the woodrat(born in a zoo) being released into a North Key Largo hardwood hammock(raised island of trees). This book is largely accurate

about local wildlife details. Readers meet a croc named Chrissy and a woodrat named Pedro. Appeals to 3rd grade and up. Has focus on nature and scientific terms. Has beautifully illustrated cover with kid appeal. Ask me for website where

you can view video of mother woodrat protecting her pups. Would also recommend Parrotfish and Sunken Ships by Jim Arnosky





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