Woody Guthrie ALWAYS makes folk music fun

by FiddleChick@evpl on Monday, September 8 2008, 11:21am. Viewed 812 times.

This weeks theme for Music Mania is "Folk Music."  By folk I of course mean "American Folk" or "Mountain Music."  Of course, I already believe no matter what age you are, you are going to love folk music because of its peppy energy and silly lyrics.  But, it never hurts to find some great resources to translate that to children and make it fun and interesting for them.  That's why I would recommend "Woody's 20 Grow Big Songs."  This comes as a C.D. within the EVPL system but it was also published as a book with lyrics and music.  We no longer have the book, but it DOES still come in print (Check out Amazon.com)!  This book also has guitar tabs for you to use as a guide to learning these wonderful songs.  So, check it out!

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on Monday, September 8 2008, 5:46pm

I remember giving a speech about Woody Guthrie in high school.  I knew nothing about him prior, but after doing research & listening to his music, I liked the guy!

Bufkinite@evpl wrote
on Tuesday, September 9 2008, 9:54am

When Woody died he left an opus of well over 500 songs unrecorded.  Some of that has been remedied by Billy Bragg and Wilco, who received permission from Woody's daughter Nora to set several of these unrecorded songs to music.  The resulting "Mermaid Avenue" and "Mermaid Avenue Vol. 2" are the result and give an insight into the depth of Woody's powerful poetic voice.

on Tuesday, September 9 2008, 12:37pm

The "Mermaid Ave" sessions are awesome.  Where do you think I got my username from?  

Also, to add to the last post from Bufkinite, we have a DVD in the system called "Billy Bragg and Wilco: A Man in the Sand" that documents the making of the album and Billy Bragg retracing the steps of Woody Guthrie from his hometown to his eventual resting place in New York City.  It's very educational and entertaining with some great music.