"Banjo Granny"

by FiddleChick@evpl on Wednesday, September 10 2008, 2:43pm. Viewed 912 times.

As I was looking for books patrons could check out that tied into my theme of the week (Folk Music) for Music Mania, I found a great book called "Banjo Granny" by Sarah Martin Busse & Jacqueline Briggs Martin.  At the very beginning of the book there is a song written for the author's grandon (Jacqueline)/ son (Sarah).  It is a delightful book of how a grandmother who happens to play banjo travels across the country to see her grandchild and play bluegrass music for him.  This book actually reminded me of a previous childrens librarin, Beth Reasoner, who moved up north in Indiana to be closer to her own grandson.  She also happens to be guitarist as well!  So, for all of you cool grandmothers or mothers with a pretty cool mom who plays an instrument, this just may be the book for you!

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on Wednesday, September 10 2008, 5:20pm

It is a sweet book. Grandparents can be very important and influential on their grandchildren. My grandma was probably the most influential person in my life.