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We have a good selection on books in a category labeled "PLAYS", for a wide variety of topics and reading levels.  Many of these books feature very short, no-props-needed plays.   We have three new books in this area this week: 

GETTING READY TO READ WITH READERS THEATRE.  This book has fifty two-page reproducible scripts for preschool and kindergarten students.  The scripts are based on nursery rhymes, poetry, animals, community helpers, holidays, and other things of interest to children.

READ-ALOUD MINI-PLAYS WITH LEVELED PARTS.   20 reproducible high-interest plays that feature speaking parts at two different reading levels (1.0 to 2.9   and 3.0 to 5.0).  Includes school situations, mysteries, tall tales, and just for laughs.

MOTHER GOOSE READERS THEATRE FOR BEGINNING READERS.  Grades 1-2.  Plays based on well-known rhymes, with several scripts that feature simultaneous Spanish translations.

We also have a "Special Resources" area with books for children and adults about different kinds of special needs.  New this week:

MEGHAN'S WORLD:  the story of one girl's triumph over sensory processing disorder.  Recommended for children diagnosed with autism, PDD, ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, Down syndrome, and other social and learning disabilities.  Written in simple enough language for children to understand, but gives parents important information.

SPECIAL NEEDS ADVOCACY RESOURCE BOOK.  Common sense approach, information about laws related to special and gifted education, classroom and evaluation practices, and how to develop positive working relationships focused on children's needs.

THE AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE PHRASE BOOK.  Includes chapters on greetings, health, weather, family, school, food and drink, clothing, sports and recreation, travel, animals and colors, religion, numbers, and technology.  Very practical - not just signs, but useful phrases.

And in our regular "Educational Materials" area:

AN EDUCATOR'S CLASSROOM GUIDE TO AMERICA'S RELIGIOUS BELIEFS AND PRACTICES.  Covers most of the known and little-known religions in America.  Each section includes:  origins, beliefs, sacred book/scriptures, practices, main subgroups, common misunderstandings and stereotypes, classroom concerns, population data, and further readings.

THE BEST OF BUILDING ASSETS TOGETHER:  FAVORITE GROUP ACTIVITIES THAT HELP YOUTH SUCCEED.  Middle and High School ages.  Includes activities for breaking the ice, promoting leadership, imporving communication, promoting diversity, and becoming involved in the community.

LET'S READ!  STORYTIME CRAFTS. Grades Preschool-First.  Each program includes information on preparing children for the program, theme-related book lists, activities, and a craft.  21 storytime themes such as bedtime, new baby, shapes, cars, counting, friends.  Includes hand-outs for parents.

STORYTIME YOGA:  THE TREASURE IN YOUR HEART:  YOGA AND STORIES FOR PEACEFUL CHILDREN.  Ages 3 and up.  Teaching tales from the world's faith traditions.  Focuses on meditation and relaxation.

DEBORAH HOPKINSON AND YOU.  The latest in the series The Author and You.  In this series, the authors discuss their lives and their research, writing, and illustrating, and the interests and experiences that inspired them.  Grades K-6.  Other authors in the series:  Alma Flor Ada, Bob Barner, Gerald McDermott, Jacqueling Briggs Martin, Jim Aylesworth, and Toni Buzzeo.

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