A "heifer" is not always a cow...

by bookmarkbeck@evpl on Tuesday, September 23 2008, 2:44pm. Viewed 860 times.

Homeschool moms, teachers, and librarians interested in teaching children a lesson in compassion will appreciate these gems. The fact that these books are based on TRUE happenings will impact children's thoughts and feelings.

Beatrice's Goat by Page Mc Brier- A little girl in Uganda receives a pregnant goat from Heifer International allowing her to buy a uniform, books, and attend school-her lifelong dream.

The Goat Lady by Jane Bregoli-A story about Noelie Lemire Houle, a Canadian woman living in Massachusettes who raised goats for Heifer International. Her life and farm are memorialized in beautiful paintings done by the author and hung in Dartmouth Town Hall and library.

Mia's Story by Michael Foreman-A little girl living in a "trash city" in Chile who turns her misfortune and sadness into happiness. The illustrations and line drawings are wonderful. Touching and inspiring-positive feelings of hope.

Heifer International is an organization providing livestock etc. to impoverished areas of the world.

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