There's more in paradise than cheeseburgers.

by bookmarkbeck@evpl on Thursday, September 25 2008, 4:06pm. Viewed 794 times.

I'm talking about children's books written by the "man from Margaritaville"-Jimmy Buffett and his daughter Savannah Jane Buffett.  One is JOLLY MON, an original tale about a magic quitar and the man who finds it. Parrotheads can also enjoy a musical version on Buffett's CDs.  The other, though good, but not as well written(in my opinion) is TROUBLE DOLLS. TROUBLE DOLLS is based on the Guatemalan legend that a set of tiny wooden dolls placed under your pillow at night will take away your worries and troubles. The real story is very sweet and ends happy. Guatemalan people often attach worry dolls to barrettes, belts, and wire wreaths or as ornaments and gifts. They are kept in a tiny wooden box.

Enjoy these two books, but don't forget to check out SILLY BILLY and THE CURSE OF THE TROUBLE DOLLS in out library system. Making a set of trouble or worry dolls is a good craft to accompany the books.

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