Nobody Likes Rules, Right?

by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Friday, September 26 2008, 4:41pm. Viewed 733 times.

Catherine does. She writes them down for her little  brother, David.  She keeps trying to help him understand how to act in the world, and it's a hard job, because he is autistic. 

     Chew with your mouth closed. 

     If someone says "hi" you say "hi" back.

     Open closet doors carefully.  Sometimes things fall out.

     No toys in the fish tank.

Those are just some of the Rules she writes for him, trying to keep him from embarrassing her in public..   This summer she is 12 and she has a new next-door neighbor who might become a good friend, she hopes.  And then there's Jason, who also seems to be turning into a friend, although Catherine hadn't really expected that. 

Cynthia Lord has written a book which became a Newbery Honor book and also won the Schneider Family Book Award, which is also sponsored by American Library Association, for  a book which“must portray some aspect of living with a disability, whether the disability is physical, mental, or emotional.” 

Oh -- and it also has its funny spots  See what you think.


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