New Books of Interest in the Educational Materials Area

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Teaching kids how to use the library and the Dewey Decimal System?  Try these:

INDEPENDENT-RESEARCH LIBRARY ACTIVITIES (using the Dewey Decimal System) by Harriet Kinghorn.  Gr. 3-6

DEVELOPING LIBRARY SKILLS: guide to discovering and using library references  by Esther Lakritz.  Gr. 4-8

LIBRARY & REFERENCE SKILLS  by Michael Loftus.  Gr. 4-5

THE COMPLETE LIBRARY SKILLS kindergarten, grade 1, & grade 2  by Linda Turrell

THE COMPLETE LIBRARY SKILLS  grade 5 by Linda Turrell


New in the Literature Unit A Guide for Using ......... in the Classroom series:

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Call of the Wild, Maniac Magee, and To Kill a Mockingbird

These books include information on curriculum connections, unit tests, vocabulary, and critical thinking.


Other books of interest:

FAMILY VALUES THROUGH CHILDREN'S LITERATURE AND ACTIVITIES grades 4-6 by Patricia Roberts.  Annonated bibliography of children's books that contain characters who display positive, family-oriented values.  Includes acceptance, empathy, friendship, good deeds, honesty, morals, pride in heritage, respect for older people, responsibility, and self-reliance

THE PRINCIPAL'S LEADERSHIP SOURCEBOOK: practices, tools, and strategies for building a thriving school community BY Evan Robb

RHYMES & REASONS: literature and language play for phonological awareness by Michael Opitz.

A WORK OF HEART: a year of kindergarten art lessons BY Janet Louise Conlin

SCHOOLYARD-ENHANCED LEARNING: using the outdoors as an instructional tool by Herbert Broda.   Grades K-8

MOTHER WARRIORS: a national of parents healing autism against all odds by Jenny McCarthy.

TEACHING CHILDREN DANCE by Theresa Cone.  Grades K-5.  Features 20 dance learning experiences

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