Adele and Simon

by bookmarkbeck@evpl on Friday, October 10 2008, 1:25pm. Viewed 950 times.

Kids and Moms will enjoy the interaction while reading the Adele and Simon books by Barbara Mclintock. They are definitely for readers who like to study pages and find the hidden objects. Reading these books will be fun and entertaining-not to mention informative, educational, and charming.  A little boy, filled with the excitement of childhood, loses his belongings as he travels around with his sister,Adele. He is confident his things will find him again while his sister expresses loving frustration and concern. The settings are early 20th century. The illustrations are pen-and-ink drawings filled with soft watercolors, and yes, all ends well and the journey is fun. To add to the experience, have your lilttle one make magic spectacles to wear, or use a magnifying glass while reading.

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