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A recently-retired teacher donated to the Educational Materials area several book which you teachers and home educators might find useful.  They are for older children (grades 5-8+) and thus are a welcome addition to our collection.  These social studies activity books include:  Africa, Canada, Egypt, Greek and Roman Civilizations, Medieval Times, Mexico, Renaissance, South America, and World Geography.

Other new books include: 

What Happened Today?  Gr. 1-6.  An event for every day of the year.  Interesting background and three follow-up questions for vocabulary, discussion, and research.

Big Book of Games for Whole Language.  For intermediate grades.  Action, word, board, sound and movement, and creative dramatics.

After the Story's Over:  your enrichment guide to 88 read-aloud children's classics.  Grades K-3.  Games, drama, art, crafts, cooking, poetry, research, and writing.  Thematic and topical information.

Native Americans:  cooperative learning activities.  Gr. 1-4.  Homes, dress, survival, communication, festivals, games.

World Civilizations and Cultures.  Gr.5-8+.  Fertile Crescent, Ancient Egypt, Far East, Indus Valley, Aegean Civilizations, Ancient Europe, Middle East, Africa, and The Americas.

Creative Investigations.  36 separate topics for independent research, each with three activity categories (research, creative writing, art in action).  Ancient Mysteries, Living World, Ages of Man, The Unbelievable, Math and Science.

A Guide for Using Romeo and Juliet in the Classroom.

The Librarian's Guide to Graphic Novels for Children and Tweens.  10 chapters, including Exploring and Understanding Graphic Novels, Building a Graphic Novel Collection, Managing, Promoting, and Maintaining a Graphic Novel Collection.

A is for Almanac.  Complete lessons to teach the use of reference sources.  Grades K-6.  Part 1, for each grade level, covers the dictionary, the thesaurus, the encyclopedia, the atlas, the almanac, the online catalog, and the internet.  Part 2 has curriculum units using reference sources:  "Who Am I?" (K); "Animal Defenses" (1st); "Shelter" (2nd); "Transportation" (3rd); "Biomes" (4th); "Natural Weather Hazards" (5th), and "War" (6th)

Music Today and Every Day:  ready to use music lessons and activities for the elementary grades.   Level 1 (K-2) 15 lessons teach music concepts such as contrast, loud/soft, pitches, beats, instrument families.  Level 2 (gr. 3-4) - 10 lessons including note names and values, music symbols, composer.  Level 3 (gr. 5-8) 10 lessons including bass clef notation, Civil War music, minor key, opera, women composers.  Each level has supplementary materials, reproducible games, information sheets, activity pages, and puzzles.


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