Curious about Curious George?

by bookmarkbeck@evpl on Tuesday, October 21 2008, 6:29pm. Viewed 841 times.

I was! I love adventure stories and was drawn to The Journey That Saved Curious George The True Wartime Escape of Margret and H.A. Rey by Louise Borden. Thanks to the author's exciting account, the reader is caught in the moving drama of the Rey's four month escape to safety.  By early June 1940, the Belgians had surrendered to Germany. The British and French Army had to be evacuated from beaches at Dunkirk. The city of Paris was declared an open city-the government would not fight the invading army. The Reys were part of the largest motorized evacuation in history. More than 5 million people were on the roads in France. Many were refugees from Holland and Belgium heading south. The only transportation left were two bicycles that H.A. Rey put together from spare parts. The bikes had two large baskets to carry his valuable drawings-drawings that would someday be published and delight children and adults. Two big surprises in this story, curious? Read to find out. This book makes you think about that little monkey in a different way. The combination of photos and line drawings are a good touch. Curious George.



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