Have You Ever Felt Swindled?

by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Tuesday, October 21 2008, 8:44am. Viewed 654 times.

Griffin did.  He's a sixth-grader whose father has put so much of the family money into his invention, the SmartPick fruit picker, that his parents have put their house up for sale.  Then Griffin finds a Babe Ruth baseball card.  Is it worth a lot of money?  Maybe he could rescue his family!  He asks S. Wendell Palamino, a  dealer of such items.  S. Wendell (notice how closely his name resembles Swindle?) says it's only worth around $100, and the dejected Griffin sells it to him.  Then he sees S. Wendell Palamino on TV, raving about the extremely rare Babe Ruth baseball card he has acquired that is going up for auction for a bundle of money. 

What would you do?  Griffin secretly organizes a bunch of his fellow students in an elaborate plan to steal the card back from Palamino.  Will it work? How will checking house plans in city offices help?  Why do they need a mountain climber in their group? And a "dog whisperer?" How many things can go wrong and they can still succeed? How does his father's SmartPick fruit picker fit into the plan?  And if they do succeed, how could Griffin ever sell the card afterwards -- won't he be arrested for theft?

Gordon Korman began writing books when he was in the seventh grade and has been turning out great reads for kids ever since.  He's also fascinating to hear in person --I heard him speak at a library conference  and enjoyed every minute of his talk.  When he made his first public appearances he was so young that his mother had to drive him to his speaking engagements, something he still considers sort of unusual in the writing world. SwindleSwindle is a high adventure story full of mishaps and pitfalls.

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