Jack and Miss Stretchberry are back.

by kiya@evpl on Tuesday, November 18 2008, 2:54pm. Viewed 945 times.

 book jacket Love That Dog  book jacket Hate That Cat

Miss Stretchberry loves poetry, and makes it part of her classroom every day.  In Love That Dog, we meet Jack, who thinks poetry isn't for boys, and that he can't understand it. The story is told through Jack's poetry assignments. As the year unfolds, he finds that poems do have something to say to him. Meanwhile, the reader learns a lot about Jack.

Now, we have Hate That Cat, and find out that both Jack and Miss Stretchberry have been promoted to the next grade. Once again, a story develops as we read Jack's assignments, and learn about his family.

Sharon Creech includes the text of some of the poems Jack and his classmates study in school. Both books are touching, funny stories, even as they arouse the reader's interest in poets and poetry.

Love That Sharon Creech.

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on Sunday, November 23 2008, 4:01pm

I read both of these books just this weekend and loved them!