Thanksgiving Tunes are Slim Pickn's

by FiddleChick@evpl on Friday, November 21 2008, 2:27pm. Viewed 2,959 times.

As I was getting ready for my program, Music Mania, I did what I always do; I research tunes that I can play on violin or guitar.  However, I didn't expect Thanksgiving to be an underappreciated musical holiday.  Of course, many may already know that "Over the River and Through the Woods" would be a spectacular tune to play as it is a Thanksgiving song.  However, it’s not a very interactive song and at times...these kids get bored fast if you don't keep them moving.  So, what did I do?  I changed up the lyrics on a few tunes I already had and created some new ones as well.  One song in particular that I really enjoyed was a traditional mountain music song I found which held only one verse and one refrain.  I ended up creating 3 new verses by finding a silly Thanksgiving poem and inserting the refrain after every verse. 


Turkey Song


As I came over yonders hill,

I spied a mighty turkey,

he flapped his wings and he spread his tail,

and his feet looked awful dirty. 






and his feet looked awful dirty. 


I'm full of tomatoes,

and french fried potatoes,

my stomach is swollen and sore,

but there's still some dessert,

 so I guess it won't hurt,

if I eat just a little bit more. 




Using tunes with simple refrain or chorus are always the best to use with children; especially if they are silly and easy to learn. 

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