Did Fleming Rescue Churchill? Research, Anyone?

by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Saturday, November 22 2008, 9:57am. Viewed 766 times.

DidFleming Rescue Churchill?James Cross Giblin has written about fifth-grader Jason and how he proceeded with his assignment, a three-page report on Sir Alexander Fleming.  Trouble was, Jason didn't think Fleming was all that exciting, even if he did discover penicillin.  His teacher suggested Jason look for an interesting story about Fleming and include that.  But she stressed that it would have to be true.   In this fiction book, Did Fleming Rescue Churchill?, James Cross Giblin puts  Jason through the steps in doing research with encyclopedias, biographies, and the internet.  And if anyone should know how to do research, it would be James Cross Giblin --he's written lots of great nonfiction books for kids, and he's bound to have done plenty of research in the process.

This book would make a great introduction to doing research for middle-graders.

And in reading it, you'll find out what Jason did --Did Fleming rescue Winston Churchill?

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