What does it mean to be poor?

by mrsweasley@evpl on Saturday, November 29 2008, 11:50am. Viewed 945 times.

People are talking about tough times economically, and many fear it will get worse. For an idea of what it really means to be poor, try reading Ruth White's Little Audrey. White writes in the forward that the story of four little girls and their parents living in a West Virginia coal mining camp in 1948 is essentially true. It is her family's story, told from the perspective of her older sister Audrey, who was 11 at the time.

The descriptions of a family coping with poverty remind me of the classic A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but this book is much shorter and could easily be read by a third-grader. There are people who enter their lives for only a short time, but leave a profound mark. Virgil is Audrey's friend who is teased by the other boys, but wisely uses his wits to survive. Miss Stairus is the teacher who wins everyone's heart, even the tough guys'. And then there is precious Betty Gail....

Who has made a difference in your life? Have you lived through a difficult time and come out stronger? You'll appreciate Little Audrey by Ruth White.

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