10 lucky things that have happened to me since I nearly got hit by lightning

by kiya@evpl on Saturday, December 13 2008, 1:52pm. Viewed 816 times.

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   Effie Maloney's family has had a rough few years, but lately, things have turned around. Effie is now keeping a list of all the good luck she has had in recent months. The only black cloud is her bossy older sister, Maxie. Then Valentine's Day arrives, and Effie's luck starts to turn.  I laughed a lot as I read of Effie's attempts to reclaim her good luck, and felt bad for Effie remembering how hard 4th grade can be.

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   I was a little puzzled about why the book didn't have the story about Effie being almost struck by lightning mentioned in the title. Finally, I realized that story is told in an earlier book called My big sister is so bossy she says you can't read this book.

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