Peter David's Mascot to the Rescue!

by kiya@evpl on Saturday, December 13 2008, 2:10pm. Viewed 562 times.

Mascot to the Rescue! book jacket Mascot to the rescue

Josh Miller likes comic books - especially the ones about Captain Major and his sidekick Mascot. Then Josh starts to notice that Mascot is a lot like him - his dad disappeared one day, Mascot's real name is Josh Mills, and on and on.

Sometimes, Josh starts to think he IS Mascot. This can be good when someone needs to stand up to bullies, but not so much when the guidance counselor keeps calling your mom to complain. Josh does make a good friend - Kelsey, the new girl he tried to protect from the bullies. Then Josh finds out the writer of the Captain Major comics plans to kill off Mascot in the next issue. Josh and Kelsey are now on a mission to find the writer, and persuade him to save Mascot.

The action reminds me of comic book action, and I liked Josh and Kelsey right away. There are puns and inside jokes throughout the book, lots of plot twists, and some last minute surprises.  This book was a quick read, but the best part was at the end, where Josh might actually believe Kelsey when she tells him (again) that she likes Josh better as Josh than as Mascot.



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