New Books for Parents and Teachers

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New books in the Educational Materials area of interest to parents and teachers:

BOOKS ABOUT THE MIDDLE EAST: selecting and using them with children and adolescents.  Annotated bibliography with reading/interest level, awards/prizes.  Background information and literature, guidelines for selecting children and young adult literature.

PUPPET MAGIC.  Includes patterns and scripts for such favorites as Little Miss Muffet, Old MacDonald, Tale of Peter Rabbit, and Very Hungry Caterpillar.

READING IS FUNNY!  motivating kids to read with riddles.  Resources for using riddles in bulletin boards, sharing, games, public relations, puppets, birthdays, holidays, sports, etc.

YOUNG ADULT LITERATURE IN ACTION  Chapters include An Introduction to Young Adults and Their Literature, Quick Reads, Realistic Fiction, Fantastic Fiction, Informational Books, Cultural Diversity, and The Freedom to Read

SHELF-ESTEEM.  Lists books and activities to help children gain self-esteem.

READING BEGINS AT HOME: preparing children for reading before they go to school.  Learning situations which occur in everyday life, and how children can be helped towards group instruction.

THEMES FOR INCLUSIVE CLASSROOMS: lesson plans for every learner.  Making lesson plans accessible for children with a variety of special needs (autism, ADHD, developmental delays, emotional disturbances, and visual, speech, and orthopedic impairments).

HANDS-ON WORD FAMILY ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG READERS: ready-to-use lessons and activities for building literacy skills.  k-3.  25 word-family chapters, activities, patterns, lesson plans, reproducibles

MOTIVATING READERS IN THE MIDDLE GRADES.  Includes book motivation programs, reproducibles, annotated genre bibliographies.

HANDS-ON HISTORY:  Pioneers.  Easy-to-make projects that help kids learn and love history.  Gr. 4-8.  Background information, reproducibles.

U.S. FACTS AND FUN for grades 1-3 and for grades 4-6.  Stories of fascinating events, sites, people, and animals with comprehension activities (crossword puzzles, mazes, word searches, etc.)

HANDS-ON HISTORY:  ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS.  Includes Ancient mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome. 

HANDS-ON HISTORY:  AMERICAN HISTORY.  Includes Colonial America, American Revolution, Jeffersonian Period, Tecumseh, Civil War, Oregon Trail, Immigration, and the Civil Rights Movement.

HANDS-ON HISTORY:  WORLD HISTORY.  Includes Byzantine and Muslim Empires, Africa, Ancient Americas, Asia, Middle Ages, Rennaisance and Reformation, and A Century of Turmoil

WORLD BEAT FUN:  multicultural and contemporary rhythms for K-8 classrooms.  CD with 74 tracks, songs in musical styles from around the world, reproducibles, teaching and performance suggestions.

WHAT VIDEO GAMES HAVE TO TEACH US ABOUT LEARNING AND LITERACY.  Considers more than 30 new video games and their positive effects on learning.


BOOKTALKING AUTHENTIC MULTICULTURAL LITERATURE:  fiction, history, and memoirs for teens.  Indexed by subject, title, and author.  101 titles.

And in the Special Resources area:

AUTISM LIFE SKILLS from communication and safety to self-esteem and more - 10 essential abilities every child needs and deserves to learn.   Covers ten essential life skills:  making sense of the world, communication, safety, self-esteem, pursuing interests, self-regulation, independence, social relationships, self-advocacy, and earning a living.

SOCIAL SKILLS FOR TEENAGERS AND ADULTS WITH ASPERGER SYNDROME:  a practical guide to day-to-day life.  Includes A Social World, Friends and Family, Health and Medical, Living Arrangements, Education, Training, and Employment, and Adaptive Tools

BABIES WITH DOWN SYNDROME: a new parent's guide - the complete, compassionate guide to your child's first five years.  Includes medical concerns, daily care, family life, development, early intervention, and legal rights and hurdles.

DR. THOMPSON'S STRAIGHT TALK ON AUTISM.   Helps with communication, improvements in behavior, tolerance for change, social skills, emotional and stimulus intolerance.

PLAYING, LAUGHING, AND LEARNING WITH CHILDREN ON THE AUTISM SPECTRUM: a practical resource of play ideas for parents and carers.

ON THOSE RUNAWAY DAYS.  Helps kids see that they can seek out adults to help them in situations where they feel overwhelmed, afraid, angry, or threatened in any way.

SMALL STEPS FORWARD:  using games and activities to help your preschool child with special needs.   Eleven chapters:  How to Survive, What Everyone Needs to Know, Cognitive Development, Language Development, Physical Development, Sensory Development, Social Development, Language Development, Physical Development, Sensory Development, Social Development, Emotional Development, Everyday Living, The Support Your Child Should Expect, Resources.

And in the PLAYS area:

MORE FRANTIC FROGS AND OTHER FRANKLY FRACTURED FOLKTALES FOR READERS THEATRE.  Gr. 4-8.  Over 25 reproducible, satirical scripts.  Includes guidelines and tips for using readers theatre in the classroom.

READERS THEATRE FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY.  20 scripts from before the transatlantic slave trade through current events.  Gr. 4-8


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