"Where has Tillie laid her egg?"

by bookchick@evpl on Monday, January 5 2009, 9:26am. Viewed 1,406 times.

Tillie Lay an Egg by Terry Golson is a delightful book about a hen who likes to do things a little differently than the other hens. Wait her turn to lay an egg? Bah! Tillie has more important things to discover. You can discover them too as you read this story and look for the eggs Tillie has laid in some pretty strange places.

Photographs of the hens and the Golson farm taken by Ben Fink use a beautiful soft light and props that take you back to a simpler time before electricity and all it's distractions.

Tillie Lays an Egg book cover

But wait! We do have electricity and Terry Golson has set up a webcam in the chicken coop!


Read bios about each of the hens and watch them inside and out as they go through their day from their first feeding in the morning until they roost for the night.

There is also a beautiful lop-eared rabbit named Candy who has a hutch in the chicken yard. She's pretty quick but sometimes you can catch her running for a bite of apple.

I hope you enjoy this book and webcam as much as I did.

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on Tuesday, January 6 2009, 8:38pm

Wow!  When I looked at the webcam this morning, there was a sign about Evansville outside the hen house! Bookchick, do you have something to do with that?

on Wednesday, January 7 2009, 8:35am

TeachersPet and I e-mailed the author about how much we enjoyed her book and the website. It was fun to get her response back and then the sign. How nice.

on Thursday, January 8 2009, 3:15pm

Have you looked today?  It has snowed there!  Sign is gone, though -- or maybe snowed over. Not much action from the hens in the cold.

on Friday, January 9 2009, 11:03am

I think the rabbit ate the sign.