Like Animals? Zoobooks Are For You!

by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Sunday, January 25 2009, 4:47pm. Viewed 732 times.

Zoobooks magazine is published monthly.  Each issue specializes in one animal or type of animal, and you can find out lots of info from reading it!  While I am here in READ Center in Central LIbrary this Sunday, I see issues on skunks, koalas, lions, and zebras.  The January issue is on dinosaurs, and includes discussions and diagrams of their brain size, the density of their bones, comparisons to crocodiles and birds, and theories of why they died out.  What makes scientists think plant-eating dinosaurs traveled in herds?  How do artists come up with pictures of dinosaurs in their skin, since what people have found are bones?  How do they know that younger dinosaurs traveled in the middle of the herd?  You can find out by reading the January issue of Zoobooks.  You will find Zoobooks in the children's section of READ, East Branch, Oaklyn, North Park, Red Bank, and Stringtown.

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