The Silence of Snow

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 image from Stranger in the Woods

Have you ever gone ouitside after a heavy snow and just listened? Without the noise of cars on the roads, and all summer sounds like lawnmowers and backyard barbeques all you hear is the silence of the snow. It's pure, white, crisp, and when the winter's sun, low in the sky, reflects off the ice crystals left behind it is glorious!

When I first looked at the book Stranger in the Woods by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick I didn't read the words. I just looked at the pictures and I felt that stillness. Animals feeling free to wander close to civilization because the people are all inside out of the snow are beautifully phtographed discovering a snowman filled with surprises meant just for them. Then the sun comes out and the children return to put the snowman to rights again.

Reading the text adds a dimension of excitement to the quiet. What is this thing in the woods? Will the animals be brave enough to find out. What treats lie in store for them? 

This is a wonderfully soft book to share while sipping hot cocoa on a cozy couch in front of a crackeling fire. It might even inspire you to get out and build a snowman of your own with some treats for your furry and feathered backyard friends.image from Stranger in the Woods

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