Can one man really change the world?

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Book Cover Listen to the Wind"Dr. Greg heard our voices.

He felt the wind blow cold against his face, and he understood."

In my mind, I picture Greg Mortenson, author of Listen to the Wind, standing outside the village of Korphe,   Pakistan, surrounded by the majestic Karakorum mountains, with his eyes closed.




Then he hears voices, soft at first and then louder as they are carried closer on the wind. Children's voices! And Dr. Greg knows what to do. He will bring a school to the children of Korphe.

Beautifully illustrated by Susan Roth in collage reflective of the villagers own use of collage in their everyday lives, Listen to the Wind is sure to inspire. It has a way you, your children, your classroom, your church group, your whoever, can help educate children in some of the most remote villages in the Pakistan and Afghanistan. In this part of the world a penny buys a pencil, and one dollar will send a child to school for an entire month! Check out for more information and start saving your pennies.

book cover Three Cups of TeaGreg Mortenson's first book, Three Cups of Tea, was the inspiration for this children's book. I recommend reading it and then sharing Listen to the Wind with your child. You will gain deeper insight into Dr. Greg's world view and be able to talk more richly about the children of Pakistan and Dr. Greg's mission with your child. There are cultural lessons throughout that might challenge you; some political views that might disturb you, but you will see and maybe feel Greg Mortenson's passion for the people he has come to love and respect.

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