Another Good Story by Cornelia Funke

by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Wednesday, February 25 2009, 6:23pm. Viewed 542 times.

thief lord  Besides the Inkheart series, Cornelia Funke has also written The Thief Lord, another exciting story.  Recently-orphaned Prosper and his little brother Bo have run away from Germany to Venice to escape their mean aunt who is trying to adopt Bo. By great good fortune they fall in with a group of cildren who are living in an abandoned movie theater, led by yet another child who calls himself the Thief Lord.  It seems that he breaks into very exclusive places to come by the loot that he gives the "gang" to sell to the adult fence, Barbarossa.  Things get more and more confusing as the mean aunt and uncle arrive in Venice and recruit a detective to find the boys.  And what is the Thief Lord being asked to steal by the secretive Conte?  And where does the Thief Lord live, anyway, since it isn't the movie theater with the rest of them?  How canall these things possibly fit together?  Read The Thief Lord and find out!

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