And I thought James Patterson just wrote hundreds of books

by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Thursday, March 5 2009, 3:30pm. Viewed 1,037 times.

I recently caught James Patterson doing the talk show schtick and was intrigued by a project he mentioned to the interviewer.  Imagine my surprise when I found a plethora of book suggestions for young readers of most ages.  With clean graphics and slick user experience, ReadKiddoRead is a great recommendation for new readers that may be a little apprehensive in their search for the perfect book.  It gives suggestions for guys and gals, as well as splitting them into age-driven categories.  While the suggestion lists aren't long, the many different resources through the site provide lots of information for both educators and parents.

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on Friday, March 6 2009, 10:37am

Neat site--it looks like the library has most of the books listed, and I'm taking one home tonight!