Can you Haiku? Could you Dogku?

by bookchick@evpl on Saturday, March 7 2009, 2:56pm. Viewed 955 times.

If I had discovered a book like this when I was in the fourth grade trying to write all different kinds of poetry for school assignments life would have been a whole lot easier. And more fun.Dogku


Each page of this delightful book is an independent haiku. Taken together the haiku form the complete story of a dog who finds a new home. How could you not fall in love with this adorable face? This is a face that inspires poetry.Take him home, curl up on the couch and enjoy the simplicity of the haiku.

The author, andrew Clements, says it best:

In the wide garden,

I am dizzy with flowers.

I choose a small vase.

"That's what haiku is like - like a small vase, a small container. Choosing a small container can help you pick the perfect words and arrange them just right. And why did I write this picture book using haiku? Because a picture book is also a small container - not many pages, not many words.

Adorable dog + haiku = Dogku.


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