It's Nowruz!!! And no, I'm not talkin' about Shriners

by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Thursday, March 19 2009, 5:43pm. Viewed 833 times.

Once again Snack Attack @ the Mac has come and gone, with a few savvy world travelers left impressed.  Tomorrow is the Persian holiday of Nowruz, which marks the return of spring and a new year.  Many traditions surround this holiday which finds its roots in Zoroastrianism.  We broke fresh pita together and listened as a couple of the Snack Attack Pack regaled the rest of the pack with stories of open air markets in middle eastern countries where the Naan are baked in earthen ovens.  While these examples of culinary skill no doubt far eclipsed my own venture into flat bread preperation, our expert naan attendees assured me my pitas rocked. Along side the fresh bread (which is the only way to eat pita or any flatbread for that matter) we had a quick and easy roasted garlic hummus that, while tasty, needed some fresh tahini (next year.)  But the coup d'eta was the super easy puff pastry tongues found in the very helpful "Happy Nowruz: cooking with children to celebrate the Persian New Year."  We added cinnamon to our mix, and it knocked it out of the park.  Top it all off with a little music, a little friendly conversation, and it was fun for all.

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Juzar Ahmed wrote
on Wednesday, March 25 2009, 11:45am

There is very good Documentary called "On Wings of Fire".  

It is about the history of the Parsees and their prophet Zarathustra. It would be a good addition to the Doc collection.