Say That Fast Three Times!

by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Wednesday, April 8 2009, 7:06pm. Viewed 647 times.

orangutan tongsJon Agee has a new book called Orangutan Tongs, and the subtitle is a perfect description -- Poems to Tangle Your Tongue.  I found myself wanting to read them out loud.  Here's the beginning of a real tongue twister: 

     A three-toed tree toad tried to tie/ A two-toed tree toad's shoe. / But tying two-toed shoes is hard /For three-toed toads to do, /Since three-toed shoes each have three toes, /And two-toed shoes have two.

It goes on from there.  I think my favorite, though, is "Purple-Paper People."  I just like the idea of there being people "who use paper /That is colored only purple. /They are in the Purple-Paper People Club."

Agee illustrates each poem, and that adds to the fun.  As for my favorite illustration, I'm torn between the Purple-Paper People and the picture of the unkempt camp.

Jon Agee obviously likes to play with words.  One of his earlier books is Go Hang a Salami!  I'm a Lasagna Hog!And Other Palindromes.  But for several years now I have been partial to his Milo's Hat Trick, in which a bear saves a down-on-his-luck magician by jumping out of his hat.



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