New Jim Arnosky Book

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Jim Arnosky, naturalist and artist, shows how familiar he is with the oceans, and particularly the Florida Keys, in this quick, suspenseful read for the 4th-6th grade crowd. The title is The Pirates of Crocodile Swamp. Jack and Sandy escape from a bad home enviroment and end up bayside off Key Largo, Florida in a crocodile swamp. They fight off snakes, rats, a eleven foot crocodile, and a hammerhead shark. They are befriended by an old Cuban refugee and a young Key Largo conch named Mia. Through all the uncertainty and danger, they stand by their pledge to live a pirate's life, always be together, and never return  home the way it was. The turning point of the story is a little shocking, but the resolution is happy. The story is believable, thanks to Arnosky's knowledge of the area and writing skill, but the characters seem too young to do all the brave things they plan and carry out. Imagination is what makes it fun. The Arnoskys have based several recent books, DVDs, CDs around trips on their boat Crayfish in the Keys and other coastal locations. All are informative and beautifully illustrated. Good reads!


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