The Book Whisperer

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Donalyn Miller wrote this adult book explaining how she uses an independent reading program in her sixth grade classroom.  She is so enthusiastic about book whispererreading that it is worth looking at this book, whether you're a teacher or not.  Her enthusiasm and positive attitude toward reading rub off on her students.  It also doesn't hurt that she expects them to be reading independently during part of each class period. But in addition she expects her students to have a book with them at all times, so they can be reading at any opportune moment. 

One appendix is very good for anyone interested in books for middle school age kids.  She asked her students to create this list of books that they thought should be available in every fifth- through eighth-grade classroom.  She intended it to stop at 100 titles, but she says her students stretched it out from there. I would estimate that it has about 130 titles, all books that her 6th graders recommend. This would be an excellent list for anyone looking for books to recommend to someone in this age range. 

 It's just great to read about a classrooom where reading is so important, and to see her methods succeed in helping her students do well on their achievement tests.  It's also great to read how enthusiastic and positive the students are, many of whom have not been avid readers before.  I highly recommend The Book Whisperer.

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