Bread, the Bard, and the Pack

by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Thursday, April 30 2009, 12:34pm. Viewed 752 times.

A Snack Attack Sonnet


Alas!  Snack Attack where have ye gone!!! 

We broke bread, we listened to song

We cracked jokes, we celebrated in style

And regaled one another with tales

of heady times bearing imagination's sails.

Around the world, we traversed the miles

From China and its explosive New Year

to Mardi Gras Stuffing and Roux

all the way back for Persian Nowruz

then ending with the English Bard adding another year.

And even if diversity isn't your cup of tea

Something tells me, you'll love this recipe.


Braided Bread Loaf

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