Kid + Book = ?

by mrsweasley@evpl on Thursday, May 14 2009, 1:09pm. Viewed 607 times.

Reader Genie ScreenshotIt thrills the hearts of librarians and parents when a child falls in love with a book. Some children are just born readers and will read any book they can get their hands on. Others aren't quite so eager, so when the reluctant reader "clicks" with a book, you want to build on that interest.

What can you do when a child asks for a book "just like" that favorite? ReaderGenie, a free service provided by the online children's bookstore Through the Magic Door, can help parents, teachers and librarians to match kids with books via a simple online search. You can specify age/grade level, subject , genre, or choose from a menagerie of animal protagonists. You can even search for books that deal with certain emotions, issues and values.

If you're a busy parent with an iPhone, you can download a free App that will allow you to search for books, bookmark results and even purchase books from your iPhone or iPod touch.

A few minutes with ReaderGenie could make a lifetime of difference to your young reader.

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TinaKaye wrote
on Tuesday, June 16 2009, 4:15pm

I will use this site!  My 10 year old son isn't currently interested in anything but sports books - and he's read most of the fiction books by Matt Christopher, which are geared to his age level.  Thanks!