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One of the first questions I am often asked when talking about the recorder classes offered at Central Library is, "How much will it cost?"  Well, thanks to generous grants from the Boer-Suhrheinrich Foundation, The George Mesker Music Trust and The James R. and Adelaid Duncan Foundation the cost is zero.  Well, that may not be completely true.  The total cost is time and as we all know time is money.  But what better way can your child spend the summer during these hard pressed times for cash?  Many parents who already have musical children who study privately, can tell you that for an hour lesson once a week on average can cost you around $35.00 dollars.  Multiply that by 4 and you get $140.00 a month.  Then you need to think about instrument costs.  Are you going to rent?  Are you going to own?  How much will it cost to maintain your childs instrument?  What about accidents?  All these questions can come into play when a child begins to ponder playing music.  Don't be worried or discouraged.  A great way to start your child on a musical path is to begin them on the recorder.  It's easy to maintain, hard to break (short of throwing it to the ground) and relatively easy to learn.  Learning the recorder can be a great experience for children to help them decide if music is for them.  Also, it can give them a great advantage when they are ready to move onto another instrument.  Once again, Central Library will be offering a Beginning Recorder Class for ages 6-12, an Intermediate Recorder Class for ages 6-12 and a Parent & Child Beginning Recorder Class for ages 6-12. 

The Beginning Recorder Class will teach children basic skills in reading music, learning rhythm and defining musical terms while gaining an appreciation of music.  A perfect course for kids interested in music and need somewhere to start. 

For those that are confused about the Parent & Child Recorder Class, it will be a beginner course in music.  However, the parents will also have an instrument and they will be encouraged to play alongside their children.  The reasoning behind this is so that parents can be active participants within their children's musical learning.  Sometimes parent's will find it frustrating when they can't help their child with their musical homework because, well, they can't read music.  This class teaches both the child and the parent so that they can help one another in this course. 

The Intermediate Recorder Class is specifically for students who have taken the Beginning Recorder Class offered at Central Library.  This course will delve deeper into musical studies and will give them an opportunity to meet with local professional musicians to decide where they can go in their musical career.  Such local professionals include Irish tenor flutists Graham K. Draughon and Micah Schweizer as well as tin whistler Daniel Craig, founder and member of Rowan Tree Irish Traditional Band of Evansville, Indiana.

Did I mention that these classes are free?

Interested in taking one of these courses or just plain curious?  Register by clicking on the appropriate link below. 

Beginning Recorder Class

Intermediate Recorder Class

Parent & Child Beginning Recorder Class

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