Know Any Budding Authors?

by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Friday, August 28 2009, 1:46pm. Viewed 958 times.

A Book is the book for them!  Mordicai Gerstein has written and illustrated this picture book about a family who lived in a book. "When the book was closed it was night in the book and the family slept.  When the book was open it was morning and the family woke up."  Then all the characters woke up and went off into their own stories. 

Every story has a problem, and here is this one: The girl doesn't have a story.  So she starts off to find one.  In the process she encounters stories of all types, and lots of familiar characters (if you've been reading your Mother Goose and fairy tales and Alice in Wonderland, etc.)

At first glance, the illustrations seem to be from an odd angle  --   we seem to be viewing everyone from above, complete with their shadows.  THen a goose tellls the girl to look up, where she is terrified to see a "huge...blobby thing that looks something like a face!"  The goose explains that what she sees is a reader.  In other words, us!

This would be a good way to give a quick introduction to mysteries, science fiction, historical fiction, and the like.  And in the end the girl starts writing her own story -- a good time for your young reader to do the same.

Mordicai Gerstein was awarded the 2004 Caldecott Medal for The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, a true account of those events.  A Book shows his fanciful side -- he has a great imagination!

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Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image. "Ana - morphosis" comes from the Greek words meaning "formed again."