Brendan Buckley's Universe - and everything in it

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book jacket for Brendan Buckley's universe

Brendan is a ten year old scientist.  He likes to understand the world and how it works. He has a whole notebook of the questions he has about the world, and the answers he has discovered.  Brendan is ten, and one day at a rock show at the mall, he accidentally runs into the grandfather he has never met - his mom's dad. No one will tell him why his grandpa Ed lives ten miles away, and they've never met.  Brandon begins to suspect that it is because his mom is white, and his dad is black.   Brandon is already struggling to understand why the color of his skin makes a difference to people he doesn't even know, and finding that some questions just don't seem to have good answers.

This is an interesting, thought-provoking book about a subject that can be hard for kids to understand. Sundee Frazier, the author, is multi-racial, and makes the subject accessible to pre-teens.


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