Mystery at the Club Sandwich

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mystery at the club sandwichEverybody likes a good mystery, right?  And a good detective, too.  Nick Trunk is a great detective  -- that's his picture there on the cover.  He works for peanuts -- not bad, since he's an elephant. Doug Cushman tells and illustrates this picture book in the style of the old detective stories and movies, hence the black and white illustrations.  Just in case we miss this point, he dedicates the book to Sam, Phil and Dashiell.

This mystery is  about Lola Gale, a foxy -- oops, a fox -- singer at the nightclub called Club Sandwich. When her lucky marbles get stolen (okay, they say she's lost her marbles), she sends her assistant  to Nick Trunk for help.  NIck narrates this story, and when he sees Maggie come in he  tells us that she looks like trouble.  She is.  Her name is Maggie Trouble.

Clues?  A very expensive brand of peanut butter called La Peanut Goo and an ostrich feather.  And who uses those things? It turns out that several people  --er, animals -- who work at Club Sandwich dol  So who's the thief?  The magician who performs the Disappearing Peanut Butter Jar trick?  The chef who uses an ostrich feather to spread peanut butter on his culinary creations?  Maggie herself with her ostrich feather boa?  You can find out by reading Mystery at the Club Sandwich.

Doug Cushman has illustrated many picture books including those he has written himself.  We have lots of them in our library collection.  This one is fun to read for kids and adults, too.

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