November 2009 - Kids Blog

  • Kissing Coyotes (& otherwise keeping your word)

    by myzticrhythmz@evpl on Wednesday, November 25 2009, 3:19pm
    Kissing Coyotes by Marcia Vaughan Jack Rabbit likes to brag. First he tells his friend Roadrunner he can dance with a rattlesnake. Next he tells Gila Monster he can scare a herd of longhorn cattle, all by himself. Finally he boasts to Fox that he can...
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  • Two Books for Boys (and Adventurous Girls)

    by mrsweasley@evpl on Wednesday, November 25 2009, 12:53pm
    Kids who enjoy stories about knights in armor and medieval life will want to read Roland Wright, Future Knight. Ten-year-old Roland longs to be knight, but that's an honor reserved for the noble class, and not the son of a blacksmith. When armor made...
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  • Zany Wooden Toys

    by mrsweasley@evpl on Tuesday, November 3 2009, 1:04pm
    I'm not a woodworker myself, but if I were, I would want to work my way through all the projects in Zany Wooden Toys the Whiz, Spin, Pop and Fly . It's a delightfully colorful book filled with excellent illustrative photos, clear and precise how...
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