Kissing Coyotes (& otherwise keeping your word)

by myzticrhythmz@evpl on Wednesday, November 25 2009, 3:19pm. Viewed 884 times.

Kissing Coyotes by Marcia Vaughan

Jack Rabbit likes to brag. First he tells his friend Roadrunner he can dance with a rattlesnake. Next he tells Gila Monster he can scare a herd of longhorn cattle, all by himself. Finally he boasts to Fox that he can run through a skunk's den without getting sprayed.

His friends finally get tired of Jack Rabbit's bragging and challenge him to "walk his talk". Jack Rabbit starts with the coyotes, and all goes well until the recently-kissed coyotes wake up. Read the story to see how Jack makes good on the rest of his boasts.

This is a really fun book to read, and the pictures are great, too. My kindergarten-aged daughter loved it, and Jack's visit with the skunk always cracks me up!


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